It begins with a whisper…

“It begins with a whisper on the eve of Mountain Day. Seniors are secretly told that the next day will be Mountain Day and they busily (but quietly!) begin planning for the big day! Big sisters prepare to wake their Little Sisters the next morning to break the news!

Mountain day, a tradition shared by Mary A. Burnham, Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill, and Stoneleigh-Burnham Schools, is about leaving the daily routine behind, enjoying the company of others, and of course about enjoying the New England autumn. So begins the email sent to alums early on the same morning that the students of Stoneleigh-Burnham School are waking up to the surprise.

They never know when, but very early one beautiful fall morning the students awaken to the sounds of laughter and shouting in the hallways. Distant strains of music fill their ears as they rise from their beds and open the doors to their Big Sisters.

Our students will always remember their first Mountain Day, there’s nothing quite like being awoken to discover that classes are canceled and you’ll be enjoying a day off with students and faculty!

On Tuesday October 6, the Stoneleigh-Burnham School once again celebrated Mountain Day. Below are some of the thoughts our students shared at the end of the day.

“The thing I enjoyed most about mountain day was hiking with my friends and finally reaching the top!” -Claire 2012

“My favorite part was actually hiking the mountain with friends, it was a GREAT way to bond with our little sisters, have a lot of laughs, and make new memories with new faces!” -Ashley 2010

“I liked the hike with my big sister and co-little sisters.  It was a lot of fun bonding during the long hike when we thought we were on the wrong trail and lost.” -Emily 2012

“This year mountain day wasn’t just fun it made me feel good and also we helped each other while we were going up!” So Hyun 2014

“I loved the breakfast with the big sister. I had a hot Friendly’s meal. The hike seemed to bring everyone of us together more because it was a struggle that we all had to get through ( a fun struggle!!). I like the hike, but I am not going to lie. I was sort of thinking that mountain day was going to be the day we slide down a huge slide. But I didn’t need an oversized slide to have fun that day. It was Great.” Nafisatou 2013

“I really enjoyed mountain day. It was a lot of fun to have breakfast with Sky and her little sister’s. I loved the view at the top and had fun hiking up the mountain, even though I got really tired. It was really cool not having classes that day and just hanging out with your friends.” Tillula 2013

Students and faculty alike enjoyed the hike and lunch atop the mountain. Check out Stoneleigh-Burnham Schools YouTube channel for a slideshow of the day!


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