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#141-137: The campus, the academics, the class size, the food, the mailboxes.

#141: The Campus.

During the summer the campus offers 100 acres of beautiful fields and cross country trails. Spend time relaxing in the shade or take a few minutes to sit by the pond. Fall is the best time to enjoy foliage in New England and our campus is no exception! SBS is gorgeous during the first few months of fall! Come winter grab a sled and head out to sled on one of the hills. The one behind the gym is the steepest but the one on the side of the school has jumps built in! In the spring spend a few minutes relaxing on the swing in the oval and enjoying the sunshine. The arrival of crocuses and daffodils brighten things up and help to chase away winter blues! Check out some photos of campus here.

#140: The Academics.

We are a college preparatory school and offer a number of honors and AP classes. We were founded in 1869 with the mission of educating young women and our mission is the same today. In addition, one of the benefits of being a small school is the variety of electives we can offer. From political science to botany our electives change along with students interests. Throughout the course of the year there are a number of electives available to students in English, history, the arts and sciences.

#139: The Class Size.

Classes generally range in size from 8-10 girls. What does that mean? Well, for starters it means that your teachers will always know your name…and whether you’ve done your homework! In addition, small classes offer the chance to engage in thoughtful, in-depth dialogue with your teachers and fellow classmates on a daily basis!

#138: The Food.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School has a wide variety of food available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is always a hot entree which changes with each meal. In addition, there is a salad bar available each day for lunch and dinner along with homemade soups, pasta/rice, and all the fixings for sandwiches. On weekends, head downstairs for eggs to order and waffles as part of our delicious brunch. You don’t have to worry about eating well while you’re at SBS!

#137: The Mailboxes.

Each student at Stoneleigh-Burnham is assigned her own mailbox each year. Letters, packages, graded work and college news all arrive in your personal mailbox on a day to day basis. Everyone loves getting mail from home!

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One hundred and forty (oh wait, forty one) reasons to love SBS!

Last year Stoneleigh-Burnham school celebrated its 140th Anniversary. During this monumental year we:

  • installed our first alumnae Head of School, Sally Mixsell ’69 (check out her blog here)
  • officially began applying to become an International Baccalaureate school
  • celebrated the 40th anniversary of Stoneleigh-Burnham School (the result of the merger between the Mary A. Burnham School and Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School)
  • the Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School entered its fifth year and we began to prepare to graduate our founding middle school students in 2010

Of course, it makes more sense to write 140 reasons to love Stoneleigh-Burnham…it’s a nice even number, it sounds impressive…but since this blog didn’t exist a year ago, I’ll write 141 (with help of course). So check back periodically over the next few weeks (read: months?) to read all the reasons to love Stoneleigh-Burnham School and keep reading until we’re done (by my ambitious calculations…sometime in June).

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“We leave a little bit of ourselves behind wherever we have been” -Edmond Haraucourt

The first sign that spring has arrived here at Stoneleigh-Burnham has nothing to do with the greening of the grass or the opening of buds on the trees or even the melting of the pond. The one surefire way to know that spring has arrived is to watch the corner of the oval for the swing.

The swing, donated by the Class of 1996, has graced the Stoneleigh-Burnham oval each spring and summer for more than ten years.


I can still remember spending many spring evenings on this very swing with friends and classmates while I was a student at SBS. I have a myriad of pictures on the swing and each one, taken with family and friends, depicts another moment in my life and the history of SBS.

This year, though I am no longer a student, I found myself waiting with anticipation for the arrival of the swing. It holds so many wonderful memories for me. It was our favorite spot…the place we went to talk about life, classes and boys (although now I realize what a silly location this was for whispered conversations).

Now, each time I wander through the oval and hear the whispers and giggling coming from the corner, I know that our students are having the same conversations I did so many years ago. Somehow, sitting on the swing nestled in the corner of the oval, it’s easy to forget where you are, to leave behind classes and homework and for a few minutes just revel in the beauty of the campus and enjoy the wonderful friends and classmates that surround you…

The swing has become for so many students what it was for me. A representation of all things summer. The first indication that warmer weather is headed our way and a wonderful place to confide in friends. With spring break coming to a close, I know our students will be excited when they return and find the swing once again swaying in the corner…I have no doubt that Monday evening, as I leave my office and return home, there will be students gathered on the swing, laughing and talking about their various adventures over the break…and as I listen to their whispers and giggles, I will be brought back to my own years as a student at SBS and, for just a moment, I will be able to hear the laughter and chatter of my own classmates once again because…


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Congratulations and Welcome!

First and foremost, to all our newly accepted students…

Welcome and Congratulations!

We couldn’t be more delighted to invite you to join the Stoneleigh-Burnham community. You are all talented, dynamic and insightful young women and we know that you will excel at SBS and make the most of the educational opportunities Stoneleigh-Burnham has to offer.

With that said, I want to share with you a few of the things I enjoy about working in Admissions.

  • I love talking with prospective families and telling them about my own experiences at Stoneleigh-Burnham.
  • I enjoy traveling and sharing all that SBS has to offer with consultants, placement counselors and students.
  • I find it interesting to read applications and interview prospective students to determine if they will excel here at SBS.
  • I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a successful Open House…and the quiet that follows it!

However, without hesitation, I have to say that my favorite part of working in Admissions has got to be the acceptance phone calls.

I remember my own call, delivered on March 9, 1999 early in the evening. I was called by the then, Associate Director of Admissions who told me that she wanted to be the first to congratulate me. I know I shrieked. Then, rather unceremoniously, I told her that I needed to get off the phone so I could go tell my Mom. I still remember running down the stairs, yelling to my Mom the entire time. As the other acceptance letters arrived in the next few days (I had applied to several schools) I don’t think any of them made me as excited as the phone call from Stoneleigh-Burnham had.

Now, on the eve of March 10, I gather with the other members of the Admissions Office to make our phone calls to the newest members of the Stoneleigh-Burnham community. Each year we all have a favorite call. It usually involves yelling and a fair amount of jumping up and down (which I assure you can be heard through the phone). This year though, my favorite call was a bit more subdued but no less enthusiastic.

It happened early on the morning of March 10, the young woman in question had been out the previous night when I had called with the news. I caught her just before she left for school and I told her how excited I was to accept her to Stoneleigh-Burnham and that the official letter would be coming in the mail. Her reaction was priceless…there was a sharp intake of breath followed by a quiet and drawn out “yessssss”.

A few minutes later, her father sent me a quick email to let me know that I had made her day and that as she headed off to school she was crying tears of joy.

This is the moment that I wait for each year. The moment when I get to make the phone call and share with our newly accepted students the first of many Stoneleigh-Burnham traditions. I look forward to it…and I know, just as it was for me, that for some this will be the acceptance they will later consider the most important and exciting.

So, now that the phone calls have been made and the acceptance letters mailed, on behalf of the Admissions Office and the entire Stoneleigh-Burnham community…Congratulations and welcome, we hope you will be joining us in the Fall!

The Admissions Office invites accepted students to join us on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 for Accepted Students Day. You can register by contacting the Admissions Office at 413-774-2711 ext. 257 or


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