#137-133: Mountain Day, Horses, Move-in Weekend, the Smell, Class Meetings.

#137: Mountain Day.

Everyone loves a free day off from classes…but it’s even better when it’s a surprise! Each fall, Stoneleigh-Burnham celebrates Mountain Day, a surprise break from classes and a chance to bond with your classmates and friends.

#136: Horses.

Even if you don’t like horses you probably think they are beautiful animals. Here at SBS we have lots and if the weather is nice, they’re outside. Whether you spot them in the turnout paddocks as you’re pulling into the driveway or cantering through the field during a lesson they add to the beauty of our campus.

#135: Move-in Weekend.

Each fall Stoneleigh-Burnham students return in a staggered order over the course of a weekend. Each year the international students arrive first, followed by the new students then the returning students. As we move through the weekend the excitement level on campus grows a bit each day. By the time the returning students arrive the sound of laughter and joy overwhelms even the loudest announcement. Move-in weekend reminds many why they love SBS as they return to campus and rediscover their favorite things.

#134: The Smell.

If you’ve never attended Stoneleigh-Burnham School it’s going to be hard to understand how the smell of Stoneleigh-Burnham could be something to love…but it is. No matter how long you’ve been gone, Stoneleigh-Burnham when you return to SBS you will be delighted to discover it still smells the same. In 2000, when I started as a freshman here at Stoneleigh-Burnham the smell was the same as it was eight years later when I returned to become the Associate Director of Admissions. It’s a bit like horses, a little bit like books and a whole lot like coming back home.

#133: Class Meetings.

Here at SBS there are weekly class meetings with class deans and fellow classmates. During class meetings students talk about community service projects, upcoming events and other issues relating to each particular class (i.e. college applications or adjusting to SBS). Class meeting is another chance to get together with friends and spend time learning and discussing outside of the classroom.


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