#132-128: Horse Shows, Secret Snowflake, Day Students, MOCA, Lazer Tag.

#132: Horse Shows.

It’s not everyday that more than 100 people flock to campus, trailers in tow to compete in one of the SBS horse shows…however, several times a year our campus fills to the brim with trailers, horses, competitors and Stoneleigh-Burnham friends, families and fans. If you aren’t familiar with horse shows it might be hard to imagine but a few weekends each year, the horses own the road and cars and people take a back seat! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced (if you aren’t a part of the equestrian world!).

#131: Secret Snowflake.

Secret Snowflake is a yearly holiday tradition here and it always puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Organized by StuCo, Secret Snowflake is the two week game leading up to the Faculty Holiday Skit and the beginning of Winter Break. It’s a time to surprise friends and make people smile and it’s just one of the many reasons to love SBS.

#130: Day Students.

Arriving each morning and departing just after dinner, Day Students help make SBS tick. Without them, we would have less homes away from home, fewer weekend adventures and far fewer cups of coffee and trips to the grocery store.Our Day Students are a wonderful addition to our community and they, and their families, help make the SBS community so caring and supportive.

#129: MOCA.

MOCA or Middle School Office Caring for All, is the Middle School equivalent of StuCo (our Student Council). MOCA meets weekly and gives the Middle School students a chance to plan activities, add their voice to decisions about the Middle School and become more involved in SBS. MOCA is led by the students and the leadership rotates, allowing each student the chance to develop her own leadership style. It’s always fun and gives each Middle School girl one more way to figure out what her passions are.

#128: Lazer Tag.

Lazer Tag is fun. No matter which way you look at it, there’s something about it that appeals to adults and students alike. Here at SBS we have our own set of Lazer Tag equipment…and we aren’t afraid to use it! Throughout the course of the year students and faculty will join together and play several games of Lazer Tag on the first floor of the building. It’s usually on a Friday night and it’s always a blast. Our unique “a” shaped building offers up tons of hiding places, from stairwells to doorways, there is always somewhere sneaky to take cover during a game. It’s just another way we try to make life here at SBS fun!


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