#127-123: Fresh Waffles, Blue Key, the Clock Tower, the Play, UMB.

#127: Fresh Waffles.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings in the dining hall. ‘Nuff said.

#126: Blue Key.

I have a personal bias when it comes to this reason to love Stoneleigh-Burnham School. As a student I was a member of Blue Key and I gave tours nearly every week…and fairly often during the summer as well! Now, as Associate Director of Admissions I rely on Blue Key to represent SBS well to visiting families and consultants. Not only do I trust these girls to share the mission of SBS with all our prospective students but I expect them to share exactly what makes SBS tick. Blue Key Tour Guides are dedicated, intelligent, outgoing, charismatic and irreplaceable…I don’t know what I would do without them!

#125: The Clock Tower.

The clock tower has been the highlight of many a photograph, and for a few years, even the letterhead! It’s instantly recognizable as part of SBS and it’s a familiar site to alumnae young and old.

#124: The Play.

Each winter SBS students and faculty collaborate to direct, rehearse and ultimately perform a play which was previously chosen by our Theater teacher. From straight plays to musicals, SBS has done it all. Check out a review of our most recent play in the Director of Admissions Blog.

#123: UMB.

Upper Mary Burnham or UMB houses all our Middle School students, one Athletic Trainer and his family…and one Associate Director of Admissions and her puppy. With gorgeous views of the Oval and the Athletic Fields from each dorm room window, UMB is a wonderful place to spend your first two years here. Silliness and laughter preside on UMB and there is always something mischievous  going on. Check out some of the UMB antics in this earlier post.


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