#112-108: Long Winter Weekend, Spearth Day, Omelets to Order, Faculty Pets, Community Service Club.

#112: Long Winter Weekend.

Seriously, who wouldn’t love a 5 day break at the end of January. Just when the dreary cold days start to get to you, SBS gives you a long weekend! Whether you head home, take a mini vacation, go on a school trip (Montreal anyone?) or head to a friends house, Long Winter Weekend is a welcome break!

#111: Spearth Day.

Community service in the morning and carnival in the afternoon. Favorite activities in the past have included the dunk tank, cotton candy machine and of course, the talent show (more on that later).

#110: Omelets to Order.

If waffles don’t do it for you, there are always omelets to order available on weekends. With tons of fresh veggies, meats and cheeses to choose from its a great way to start your weekend off right!

#109: Faculty Pets.

Whether your partial to cats, dogs, bunny rabbits or plants there are tons of faculty “pets” to choose from. I’m partial to my own dog (who is about to be made famous) but there are lots of other pets on campus too! From our Dean of Students black labs to our Academic Deans Newfoundland..to our Spanish Teachers “pet plants” (we know they aren’t really pets but hey, so what!) there is something for everyone…and don’t worry, if you aren’t a fan (or you’re unfortunately allergic) we make sure to keep them far away from you!


#108: Community Service Club.

Whether they are preparing a community meal or raising money to donate to the heifer project the community service club is always active and involved! They keep SBS students involved in and active in helping others as near as Greenfield, MA and as far away as Africa!


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