#117-113: Dining Hall, International Lunch, the Owl, the Holiday Basketball Tournament, Students of Color Club.

#117: Dining Hall.

There are a lot of places on campus with beautiful views. We are situated on the top of a hill and surrounded by fields so it’s hard to find a place on campus that isn’t pretty. Our dining hall is no exception…it has tons of windows and they all look out over the front fields and the oval. In addition to being a sunny place to enjoy a meal, the dining hall has a friendly staff and delicious food which just makes it one more thing to love about SBS!

#116: International Lunch.

Being a small school we have the opportunity to do things in ways that many larger schools can’t. One example of this is our international lunch. Each year our students work with the dining hall staff to prepare food from each of their respective countries. This years lunch featured the Korean version of fried dough, Haitian pulled pork with rice and beans, plantain chips and sushi. Yum!

#115: The Owl.

What would a list of things to love about SBS  be without a mention of our mascot? The owl, known for it’s wisdom, has long been associated with Stoneleigh-Burnham School. The owl cheers on our teams from the sidelines of the games and always manages to liven up the crowd!

#114: The Holiday Basketball Tournament.

Each year Stoneleigh-Burnham hosts the annual Holiday Basketball Tournament. This tournament, which has included schools like Wilbraham and Monson, Proctor Academy, Brewster Academy and the Winsor School began in 2004-2005 and has been held annually for the last 6 years.

#113: Students of Color Club.

Students of Color Club or SoCC, is fairly new to SBS, but in the few years since their creation they have been very active in the community! From movies to presentations, SoCC is always keeping the Stoneleigh-Burnham community informed.

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