#107-103: BBQ’s, 9th Grade Overnight, the Attic, Phone-A-Thon, Barn Proctors.

#107: BBQ’s.

Sometime in mid-April SBS usually holds the first of many spring BBQ’s.  There are many great places on campus to barbeque including the hill overlooking the back fields and the courtyard. There’s nothing better than dinner outside on a beautiful summer night!

#106: 9th Grade Overnight.

I remember my own 9th grade overnight and the various antics my classmates and I engaged in. Six years later the 9th grade class still heads to Roads End Farm in Southern New Hampshire for their overnight bonding trip. It’s a chance to get to know friends while spending time enjoying the outdoors…and you get to help throw hay to the horses in the morning from the back of the tractor!

#105: The Attic.

Students at SBS are lucky since they don’t have to take all their extra stuff home every year, instead they can box it up and store it in the attic over the summer. Why bring home your winter jacket and snowboard for summer vacation, you won’t need them!

#104: Phone-A-Thon.

The “Phone-A-Thon Fiesta” as it’s been named in recent years is a great way to connect with alumnae young and old while helping your school. Plus, it’s a fiesta which means yummy snacks and games throughout the time you’re volunteering. What a fun way to get involved!

#103: Barn Proctors.

They arrive at the barn before you and they stay till it closes. Barn proctors help make sure everyone is pulling their weight at the barn and they assist our coaches during horse shows. Our barn wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does without their help!


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