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#87-83: The WAV, Coolers for Away Games, Senior Projects, Student Artwork, Bonding Trips.

#87: The WAV.

Whether you call it the WAV or the Stallion every SBS girl from 2003 on has taken a ride on Stoneleigh-Burnham’s little white bus. It safely transports the girls to dances and away games and weekend activities too.

#86: Coolers for Away Games.

Every Saturday when you enter the dining hall you’ll find students and coaches packing their lunches into the giant away game coolers. It’s a gentle reminder that even though it’s the weekend our students are still busy and involved!

#85: Senior Projects.

Senior projects are one of my favorite parts of the SBS curriculum. They allow girls the chance to conduct an independent study in a subject of her choice for the duration of her senior year. Throughout my years at Stoneleigh-Burnham I have seen fashion shows, one woman plays, listened to violin concerts, watched wildlife documentaries, learned about a variety of lab research projects and witnessed several dance performances. Each and every project has been unique to the girl who created it and each has been fascinating.

#84: Student Artwork.

Stoneleigh-Burnham’s walls are adorned with a variety of self portraits, paintings and other various projects created by our students over the years. Around nearly every corner you will find student paintings, drawings and photos reflecting the various eras of student artists. Dash over to our art loft and you’ll find works in progress…from woven pieces to ceramics to photography, each one beautiful in it’s own right.

#83: Bonding Trips.

You complain about them while you’re on them but at the end of the day the class bonding trips are always fun. Whether you’re on an overnight like the Middle School or 9th grade classes or you’re whitewater rafting (like our Senior Class this year) they are sure to end up being a blast!

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#92-88: Common Rooms, Riding Lessons, Jesser Science Center, DPP, Summer Programs.

#92: Common Rooms.

Here at SBS each residential hallway has its own common room. Comfy couches, microwaves, televisions and computers make these rooms a popular hang out for our students. You can find students here on weekends and during free time relaxing with friends.

#91: Riding Lessons.

You can’t appreciate the convenience of having your riding lessons less than a five minute walk from your dorm room unless you’re a rider. Being within walking distance of your lessons, your ponies, your coaches and the barn is truly wonderful for all of our riders.

#90: Jesser Science Center.

Built in 2000, Jesser Science Center features up to date chemistry, biology and physics labs and it’s home to our middle school program as well. The biology lab is always filled to the brim with plants, frogs and other life…while the chemistry lab is always kept spotless (except during a lab of course!). It’s a great place for a budding scientist…or a current middle schooler.

#89: DPP.

Dance Performance Project has been entertaining audiences for many years. Spots are available by audition only and the select group of dancers work overtime (an extra half hour daily) to prepare 2-3 additional pieces. Watching their performances is always enlightening and entertaining!

#88: Summer Programs.

In addition to the wonderful things that happen at SBS during the school year, we also have a group of dedicated summer programs students and staff who fill the hallways with laughter all summer long. It’s a delight to see “students” on campus without the stress of classes and tests!

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#97-93: Founder’s Day, Weekend Activities, Owlnet, the Shuttle, Students/Classmates/Friends.

#97: Founder’s Day.

Our Middle School is young…just six years ago we welcomed our first group of students to join the founding middle school class. One of the traditions they started was “Founder’s Day” a day off from classes in the spring where students get to relax and enjoy each others company. You can see pictures from the most recent Founder’s Day here.

#96: Weekend Activities.

Last weekend there was the dance…and a trip to Wrentham to go shopping…and movies and pizza. Next weekend there is a mall trip…an organized bike ride and outdoor games (Lazer tag around campus anyone?). Every weekend the activities change and there is always something new to do…no matter what you’re interested in!

#95: Owlnet.

Whether you’re a current student and you call if FirstClass or you’re an alumna who remembers it as Owlnet…it’s a great (and super easy) way to stay connected to every member of the SBS community. With a variety of features…and student and faculty announcements…it’s easy to keep on top of everything that’s going on.

#94: The Shuttle.

It’s free, it’s easy and it will take you anywhere in Greenfield on weekends. What’s not to love???

#93: Students/Classmates/Friends.

Stoneleigh-Burnham wouldn’t be the school it is without the students who attend…each member of our community is unique and special in her own way. We have artists and dancers, athletes and activists, riders and scholars. No matter your passion, we’ll help you pursue it here…and our diverse student body will expand your horizons and introduce you to people and subjects you otherwise might never have encountered.

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#102-98: RA’s, Family Weekend, Formal Dinners, Reception, Housemeeting.

#102: RA’s.

Having a mentor and friend in the 11th or 12th grade when you’re in any grade is wonderful. RA’s are a constant source of support, inspiration and, often, amusement for our underclassmen. They are there to cheer them up when they have a bad day, remind them when they need to be in “Little D” dress code or eat dinner with them when their friends are away for the weekend. RA’s are a vital part of our community and their influence is seen throughout our students.

#101: Family Weekend.

Each Fall and Spring our campus is flooded with students and families from across the nation and across the world. As you walk the halls during family weekend you can hear Japanese being spoken in one room, French in another and Russian in yet another. It’s delightful to meet each of the families and learn more about each of our SBS girls!

#100: Formal Dinners.

You may have dreaded them as a student but as an alumna, and a current member of the faculty, I have come to love formal dinners. They give the students a chance to share a meal with someone they otherwise might never have sat with and it gives faculty the chance to hear about the students classes, lives and adventures without having the pressures of advisee meetings or tests looming overhead.

#99: Reception.

It may be the first place you go each morning and the last place you see each night…or you may spend time there on weekends waiting for your pizza or chinese food to be delivered. No matter the scenario, reception is an important part of SBS. It’s where you pick up your packages, and Carolyn, our faithful and friendly receptionist, is the first face visiting families see when they arrive at SBS.

#98: Housemeeting.

Each Tuesday the faculty, staff and students of Stoneleigh-Burnham School gather together in the Capen Room to share news of birthdays, athletic games, club meetings and other school business. It gives the whole community a chance to recognize and celebrate classes, teams , students and faculty for all the wonderful things they are doing at SBS each and every day.

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