#97-93: Founder’s Day, Weekend Activities, Owlnet, the Shuttle, Students/Classmates/Friends.

#97: Founder’s Day.

Our Middle School is young…just six years ago we welcomed our first group of students to join the founding middle school class. One of the traditions they started was “Founder’s Day” a day off from classes in the spring where students get to relax and enjoy each others company. You can see pictures from the most recent Founder’s Day here.

#96: Weekend Activities.

Last weekend there was the dance…and a trip to Wrentham to go shopping…and movies and pizza. Next weekend there is a mall trip…an organized bike ride and outdoor games (Lazer tag around campus anyone?). Every weekend the activities change and there is always something new to do…no matter what you’re interested in!

#95: Owlnet.

Whether you’re a current student and you call if FirstClass or you’re an alumna who remembers it as Owlnet…it’s a great (and super easy) way to stay connected to every member of the SBS community. With a variety of features…and student and faculty announcements…it’s easy to keep on top of everything that’s going on.

#94: The Shuttle.

It’s free, it’s easy and it will take you anywhere in Greenfield on weekends. What’s not to love???

#93: Students/Classmates/Friends.

Stoneleigh-Burnham wouldn’t be the school it is without the students who attend…each member of our community is unique and special in her own way. We have artists and dancers, athletes and activists, riders and scholars. No matter your passion, we’ll help you pursue it here…and our diverse student body will expand your horizons and introduce you to people and subjects you otherwise might never have encountered.

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