#77-73: Dorm Rooms, Farewell to Seniors, the Red Room, Multicultural Club, Sweater Girl.

#77: Dorm Rooms.

Dorm rooms and day rooms are unique to each girl. Decorated with photos of family and friends, posters of favorite bands and movies and personalized with bedding and all the little extras. It’s nice to have your own little space…even when you’re away from home!

#76: Farewell to Seniors.

A yearly tradition in which the faculty roast the seniors and the legacy they will leave behind. Always a hoot, it’s a crowd pleaser with students and faculty alike!

#75: The Red Room.

There isn’t a single SBS alumna who hasn’t spent at least one morning or afternoon relaxing in the red room while waiting for the dining hall to open. It’s also often the location of the ever popular Saturday Night Movie as well as many other events including luau’s, midnight madness and 100 nights!

#74: Multicultural Club.

Whether they are planning presentations for housemeeting or cooking for the international luncheon, the multicultural club is one of our most active clubs on campus and they definitely provide us with the most yummy treats!

#73: Sweater Girl.

The sweater girl represents everything that a Stoneleigh-Burnham girl should be. Compassionate, intelligent and involved she is announced each year at the end of year awards ceremony. During her senior year she will be a role model for younger students and her peers, reminding us of all the qualities that make a Stoneleigh-Burnham girl a Stoneleigh-Burnham girl.


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