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2013 Moving Up Poem

One of the traditions of Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School is to assemble a poem of students’ words as they look back on the year just finishing, and read it at the Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony. The themes that resonate through this poem, as they always do, echo themes that emerged from the rest of the ceremony, including the 31 tributes read by the middle school advisors to each of their eighth grade advisees in turn. This has been a special year, one filled with wonderful people who are…

Never Left Behind

When I first came to SBMS, I was
nervous and struggling,
excited but scared,
hopeful and ambitious,
shy and homesick,

I wanted to go home.

but now I am
much more mature and confident,
full of joy,
full of great friends,
well-fitted to the school,
part of a whole.

When I first came to SBMS, I was a girl afraid of everything.
But now, the only thing I am afraid of is leaving the biggest experience of my life behind.

When I first came to SBMS, I was shy.
But now, I am not shy.

When I first came to SBMS, I was not loud.
But now, I am SO LOUD.

When I first came to SBMS, I was inexperienced with teenage life.
But now, I am very experienced with teenage life.

When I first came to SBMS, I was content with innocence and ignorance. I was really freaked out.
But now, I am changed, aware, starting to understand the endless void of knowledge. I am still really freaked out.

When I first came to SBMS, I was a child – afraid, timid, and shy.
But now, I am stronger, more confident, kind of crazy and loud.

When I first came to SBMS, I was lost getting around the campus. Everything I saw had no meaning or memories. It was just another object.
But now, everything I see comes alive with experiences and memories Even when I don’t think of a specific memory, everything looks different, but not in appearance, in background.

When I first came to SBMS, I was someone else.
But now, I am a new me. I found myself.

My favourite part of the day was
listening to Bill read to us, just goofing around, just being us, the cinnamon-butter toast at break, lunch, Life Skills or Art with Hannah, Art, Theatre, Dance 8, Chinese, sports, cross country, soccer, skiing, riding, dance class with Ann, community service, free time, eating, being with my friends, sleeping.

Next year, I am looking forward to
a fresh start, a new beginning:
seeing all the new students,
being more independent,
having new friends.

I am looking forward to
new classes,
Humanities 8 with Karen,
more opportunities,
volleyball, basketball, lacrosse,
improving my English,
speaking more,
using the things that I learned at SBS.

I am looking forward to
remembering this year.

I am looking forward to
seeing my seventh grade class again,
class trips;
being a 9th grader,
new rules and advantages,
no dinner check-in.

I am looking forward to
learning more, and
keeping on growing.

But I will always remember
everything SBS taught me, the amazing experience.
The dance of 1000 hands,
7th grade plays,
the hilarious class discussions,
random experiences, dreams, and never-ending predictions,
the elevator, and
realizing we had muscles.

I will always remember
my teachers,
my wonderful friends,
my big sister group,
the cubby room,
people who walked through this year with me.

I will always remember
the Washington trip and
Founders’ Day;
the happy times I had at Stoneleigh-Burnham School for Girls.

I will always remember
how I was when I first came to SBMS:
the first day of school and how big I thought the school was,
the first day I came and they made me feel at home,
how we were so awkward and unsure on the first day
but now I know the whole school and every girl here.
Now, we feel as if we have been together for three years, not just one.

I will always remember
the times we have been through; all the sadness and happiness,
the life lessons I learned,
all the memories we made,
the inseparable friendships I made at SBMS.

I will always remember
my family, because family is never left behind.

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